Snorkeling tours

An amazing experience for those who like a challenge and adventure!

Discover Kalypso Rocks at night on a guided tour with torches we provide. Our Instructors will train and guide you in small groups.

There are a number of creatures that will only ever come out at night. Be an uninvited visitor to the “night animals' party” with octopuses, barracudas, moray eels, hundreds of crabs, etc. The evening snorkeling trip is a real treat.

A guided tour around our bay gives you the opportunity to witness sea life usually seen by scuba divers only. Swimming experience is needed.

Each participant will be equipped with an underwater light, snorkeling gear and a wetsuit. After a thorough briefing about the nocturnal life and signs, the FUN can begin! Your guide will be interacting with sea creatures before your very eyes.

...and scuba dives too!

Introduce yourself to the whole new cast of creatures that only come out after the sun went down. Scuba dive at night to see your favorite dive site from a new perspective! Enjoy our weekly night dives!