Snorkeling in our sheltered bay is fun, safe and an easy activity for all the family.

Join our qualified Divemasters and Instructors on a guided tour!

After a short theory session about how to use the equipment, we will identify the marine life that you will get to see. We will then take you, in small groups, on a 45 minutes guided tour in the sea. We start in very shallow water and will progressively swim around our bay. You may use your snorkeling equipment all day long and go back to the water for more fun after the guided tour.

At Kalypso’s Pirates’ Fjord, the bustling life beneath already starts at a depth of 2 m. The water is crystal clear with a visibility of up to 30 m. You will also be able to see a small wreck lying on the seabed at 22 m.

Our Team will ensure that you have an amazing experience and one of the best days in your holiday.

You have the opportunity to take our photographer under water with you and have pictures taken during your dive.

There is no age limit; children must simply be able to fit into the equipment.