Kalypso Rock's Palace is set in the heart of the Pirates' Fjord, maybe the best beach in Plakias and the Prefecture of Rethymnon.

Pirates' Fjord, also known as Karavos beach, is a small secluded natural harbor, facing south, protected by a cliff to its north. It is named after the pirates who, in the Byzantine era, took refuge inside this sheltered bay. Today, instead of pirates, you will find a modern hotel.

Its tiny beach is sandy and does not exceed 5m in width. In front of the beach is a channel whose water gets gradually deeper as it reaches out into a rocky-bottomed harbor.

The beach is organized with sunbeds, sunshades and showers for a pleasant stay. If you find this scenery as amazing as we do, we will be happy to reserve your accommodation in the hotel, so that you can enjoy it for longer.

The use of the beach and other hotel facilities will also be a pleasant alternative option for your non-diving companions, should they wish to join you for the day.